why we do it

Why we do this ?


If someone is just starting out, maybe it’s a bit more simple.

You are asking:

$1500 certainly my sound minimal but I guess you know how much effort and time went into it, and how complex of a site it is.

The buyer and us also have to consider how much work   will be done and  included in that price to help the guy set it all  and up making it his own later. Most important to learn how to make a profit and how to develop and add more products later on.

For the biggest  $3000 and more , we will not only
do everything, putting his products in, customizing it for all his needs, etc. but make sure he is rising on top of search engines and stay competitive in the niche for the at least next 2 years. Our moto is nothing surpasses the word of mouth recommendation among friends !

But then, people will be skeptical,
if this is a business that can potentially make $xxx? every month, then why is he selling it for only
$3000? If you are offering this full package business, you might as well prove the business concept.

Concept is proven hundreds of times and we are also  selling side services that will be of use to our clients and make us enough money to keep this business model going for years !

Do you mean that you are lining up suppliers for the customer too, so it is basically a turn-key business?

If so, it seems it would have to be worth a few thousand dollars. But then again, the whole “product” is changing now if suppliers are included. Now you are selling a business, not just a website.

The answer is Yes Shops are completed with PRODUCTS AND SUPPLIERS we are selling complete business in a package ! There are no limits for our clients ~! You will be definitely amazed!

Why not Shopify


Shopify is a no go because it is also charging you a fee from EVERY SALE -To clarify, the transaction fee is charged on all sales that go through the Shopify checkout. The Starter and Basic plan have a 2 percent transaction fee, while the Professional has a 1 percent transaction fee and the goes credit card or paypal fees and your postal fees and all the rest you have as business expense – In 2014, Shopify has restructured their pricing in line with new industry business models. To put their pricing in context and help you decide between competitors (like Bigcommerce – review here or Volusion – review here), here’s a rundown of 4 elements of pricing you should consider.

First, your monthly price – the sticker price you pay every month for a certain level of features. Shopify’s plans start with the Lite Plan at $9 USD per month and go up from there, for example. But note that the Lite plan is only for Buy button sellers. Really, I’d say that Shopify starts at $29/mo and goes up.

Second, your platform transaction fees – the additional fee you pay to a platform as a percent of sales. Shopify used to charge these on all their plans, but no longer does. You should pay attention to these when cross-comparing.

Third, your credit card fees – these used to be pretty standardized – and for the most part still are. However, Shopify recently set up their own POS & processing network so you don’t have to go through a 3rd party processor. That means fees go to Shopify rather than a processor like PayPal or Credit Card Processing for Small Business Merchants to Accept Payments Online or Anywhere. It can be confusing, and there are some lock-in issues to consider with Shopify. But be sure your are comparing apples to apples.

Fourth, your add-on fees – these are 3rd party apps, plugins or bits of software that you can purchase to make your store better. Usually these are one-time purchases, but sometimes they run off transaction fees. Shopify has a huge app store. Many are free, but some are paid. Be sure to budget for these when planning your store.

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