This production was shot on my 5dmkII which I am in love with, the clarity of the image is fantasic and using simple cheap supports for the camera gave me great scope to pimp out the shoe string budget for the shoot.

The shoot was originally bundled into the website re development – so that meant we had to get in and get out asap. The overall production took 2.5 hours to shoot and was edited to suit the web audience.

This is the first cut for the TDS website video I shot and produced for a company in Northern ireland on behalf of my company creative3. TDS work with companies all around the world managing their ecommerce sites (kind of like amazon) they are a fantastic bunch of people and I’m thrilled that our company landed the work for their rebrand. I produced their website, identity, video and a whole new ethos for the company.

If you want to see more of my work visit their website from June 2011 and see my fine web redesign.


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