For Shop owners

that are on a brink of giving up


Our approach to e-commerce development is simple.
We take your shop , Ok You give it to us –

and in the time frame from 5 weeks to 3 months period we reorganize it, optimize it, redesign it, rank it, make it SEO ready, Marketing, promotion,Social media, increase the sales, increase the revenue, find additional suppliers, use our e-commerce experience to grow it.

Grow your niche, suppliers and distributors. We cover it all.


You relax,

after it is done – You, the client, pay us a fee :

  • 6 months of recalculated new shops gross revenue or
  • give us a percentage in sales of the on line shop (10-15%) for the next year.
  • If you can’t give us the money we will buy from you the shop for a fair and real value price !

We will take any niche, any industry and grow it.

Short info For Crowd fund investors or any interested side that want to Invest

We estimate that we need initial 150.000$ investment to grow exponentially   the Revival system with Store purchase and resell.
We are ready to give 35% of the Company  when going public.
By our calculations, Expected revenue from 10 web shop revival is 120,000$
100 shops a year give 1,200,000.00 $
with net revenue balancing around 50% of the sum.
When talking with clients on buying the shops we will consider buying only that are making more than 50,000$ a year which is an minimum income equals to  2000-2500 $ net a month

this is an initial offer limited only and intended to be financed via

Our Team is gathered from programming Aces and full stack developers, as we noticed in our journey trough startup scene everybody needs good and trustworthy developers. We are team of 5 Angular Java Php/CSS/HTML Marketing and Design

to invest in Store Revival Service read this – you need to register 

to resell the Store Revival Service read this


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