How to ship via FBA? Use SellerCloud! Ship Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment FBA orders while selling products on websites such as eBay, New Egg, and even from your own website. With one simple click will ship your products and update your inventory across multiple sales channels. For more information, visit or – Call for a demo 888-315-6652.

You have a product stored at an Amazon Fulfillment Center and you want to sell it on multiple sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and But when you get an order, how are you going to process it for shipping? And how are you going to constantly update the inventory count and status of that item based on what is in FBA? SellerCloud makes it easy to ship via FBA regardless of where the order originated. What was previously a labor intensive process is now automated through SellerCloud with the push of a single button. Let’s say an order was placed through eBay. Amazon must be notified of the order placement together with the customer and shipping information in order to fulfill that order. Instead of having to manually copy order-information into Amazon, SellerCloud’s Ship Via FBA option automatically enters that information and instructs Amazon to fulfill the order. Amazon then packs and ships the order and assigns it a tracking number. SellerCloud posts that tracking number on eBay along with continuously updating the order’s shipping status. To prevent overselling and to better manage your inventory, SellerCloud automatically adjusts the product quantity across all sales channels to reflect the revised inventory count. Ship via FBA, maximize your products exposure, and watch your sales increase through the automated process of SellerCloud!


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