Choosing the perfect product to sell online can be one of the most daunting and challenging aspects of starting an online business. If you’re like most people, you likely have a few product ideas but you aren’t sure how to figure out whether they’re the right products to sell online or not. This infographic will help you evaluate your product ideas by suggesting important questions and considerations to ask yourself so you can recognize potential opportunities and pitfalls in your product.

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How to Choose Products to Sell Online

Evaluate every product idea by this set of criteria to determine whether it’s a viable product idea to successfully sell online:

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How to Choose a Million Dollar Ecommerce Product & Niche


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Bonus: Want a more interactive product evaluation experience? Try our Instant Product Evaluator Tool! Log your response to each of these questions within the tool and then submit your answers to be reviewed. The Instant Product Evaluator Tool will then instantly analyze your product ideas’ strengths and weaknesses and present you with a score between 1-100 to indicate your product ideas’ potential success.

Check out the Instant Product Evaluator Tool

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Once you’ve evaluated your product ideas using the information from each section of the infographic, you should have a better knowledge of your products’ strengths and weaknesses, any challenges you might face along the way when sourcing, shipping or selling your products and any other pitfalls your products may possess. The more information you have about your product ideas before you start investing time, energy and capital into developing them, the better, so take your time evaluating your product ideas and do it more than once if necessary.

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