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Hosting022  hosting

Hosting022 is specialized in providing top-notch, human-oriented website hosting services. Their main aim is to make the hosting service as easy to use as possible. Hosting022 was founded by people with solid experience in all areas of IT, Hosting 022 logo

service management, service continuity, server administration, IT environment security and customer support processes. Since its inception they are committed to provide fast and reliable web hosting service at the lowest possible prices. Hosting022 offers outstanding-quality web hosting solutions with a 24×7 tech support service and 30 Days money back guarantee. As the premier provider of cheap hosting solutions, Hosting022 offers an array of web hosting plans designed for every budget, including cheap reseller, powerful VPS solutions, and Dedicated Servers. They are also provider of Audio Streaming, Video Streaming and Email Marketing. They Maintain services only with the industry leading software and hardware suppliers,

They are 10 years with us. I was one of their first users and I must say that I still own 1 server from them. Their uptime is like it is advertised and never fail down.



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