What is the Best Web Hosting?
To make a website available to a large number of visitors, you need to host your website files to a cloud which is a cluster of servers. Server file allocation represented a web hosting.
In broader meaning, web hosting refers to a service that combines a server, operational software, network connection and a account control panel.
There are several principal options to host your website. In our experience we recommend several good web hosting companies. There is no need to spend much on web hosting software, since basic operational systems are available for free. For example LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
If you don’t feel like learning all about web hosting software and maintenance, you may outsource the web hosting service from some commercial web hosting provider which hosts tons of websites.
Web hosting companies have professional technicians available who take care of web servers and operational software maintenance.
Sometimes making the right choice is difficult because a lot of web hosting companies are equally good.
We can recommend
Our own services, like anybody else I respect myself first and then try to respect you – equally. Our focus is not on web hosting and we maintain bunch of hosting servers on 4 continents.
As a web design and development company, we used to installing our websites to web hosting servers with quite different quality. Most of them work fine, some are better to stay away from .
In some future post we will describe what is expected from a good quality hosting.

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