We are building Etsy Custom Shops



Out of respect for our
Mohers, Daughters and all Women

Our true patriots, that carry the burden of the World
on their Shoulders ….

We wanted to do something for you

Idea is simple.

Etsy based Custom Shops

In order for you to have more success and more income, thus more time
to spend with your family and friends  we wanted to lend you a hand and                                        create a full, self hosted and platform independent shop just for you :


You only pay a fixed fee 99 $ for one year domain setup of hosting and pay as                                  you want or as much as you can at the moment for the shop.

FYI We usually charge 350-750$ for a simple shop with 20-50 products . 


But in this case it will be by your wish or how much you can spend at the moment.


If you wanted to get your shop and could not afford it this is your chance !

You will get much better quality than Shopify for lower price

The shop and domain will be under your name, your sole proprietorship


 Sincerely, Topstore team


Only for a limited time we can provide you Custom Shop with perfect design. SEO optimized and incorporated with your Etsy look and style .

You will have cross links and keyword rich build up for your handmade arts or goods that you are selling on Etsy.

Don’t limit yourself only on one sales funnel, sell outside Etsy.

You will get:

  1. Unique domain name by your choice, if occupied we will find alternative together
  2. hosting for 1 year included on  fastest US servers
  3. complete automated shop with delivery and payment systems incorporated, Etsy products added by us.
  4. Blog with texts about your products and news from your niche, for faster ranking on search engines – this is optional
  5. local SEO for your virtual or real company worth 250 $
  6. Marketing an growth building {called growth hacking} for five weeks to jump start your visibility and earnings worth of 400$

Example of the shops, How you can expect  yours will look like:


https://liseparis.com or https://www.absolutelyaudrey.com/


We have more than 10 years of e-commerce development and web hosting optimization experience. Our regular price for building an on line shop with an adjective SEO active Blog is ranging from 750 – 2500 $

For the next 30 days you will get a chance to have your standalone shop for amount of $ you choose .Let’s help boost our economy together.

Act now, time and number of shops are limited. Continue and get your standalone shop now !

Pay any amount for the shop freely
Other Amount:
Your Email Address:

We are not supporting monthly subscriptions in this phase . If you want one please contact us subscribe to our mailing list and we will enable it as soon as possible.

Let’s Start expanding your Etsy business by  Having Your Own Online Shop

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