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Give your business the boost it needs by benefiting from our top picks from our ecommerce website builders and the best ecommerce sites.Fully designed shop, products suppliers delivery and sale funnels. All in one place.


To be an investor you need to buy at least one shop from us to see how it is and get the feeling on quality we deliver !

our fresh approach to shop building is

—  Ready made shops with 100s of niches ready to sell,
e-commerce money sites – white labeled drop shipping ready
designed and with added products, in plus connected Amazon, Ebay,
Google shopper and Facebook store fronts.
You just add your personal company and payment data and you are ready to go live.

but due the work load involved and the quality we want to provide to our customers
we can offer only 107 shops a year starting with 01.01.2017
of which we already sold 10 to friends and family – so 97 of you lucky bastards will start making a lot of money on line soon 🙂

PS. we can`t sell more than 2 shops per niche a year and we cant disclose our shop buyers  to anybody, we can only show the clients for whom we completed custom web shop development . —

For Affiliates and resellers

You can buy up to 10 shops in advance, 2 per niche per year. We want to keep things simple.

You are free to resell them as you want or keep them and grow them  for your own use and income generation.

If you have registered and approved as an affiliate you will have resources available and visible just for affiliates.

For Investors
max share sale is 35 % – If you total it you will have 1/3 of the voice,

equal to Peter’s and  Damir’s and can be a equal partner getting

1/3 of the net income generated during the year Estimated  ROI 3 – 5 years max. It will be 2,5 🙂

5 % share value 70,000

10 %  share value 130,000

33,33 %  share value 427,000

dividends are paid of annually ! We are valuated 1 M in our first year !

If we complete second round of investment then we would be able to hire more staff and double our development team  and sell 300 shops a year . Our goal is to achieve 1000 a year by 3rd quarter 2019 . We are planning on selling equity on platforms like Crowdfund up to 33,33 % of our shares with estimated value of 427.000 in total.

if you are logged in as an investor you will see more information on this page besides this intro!


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