Our Company

Would you like to become part of the 5% elite that is on top of the world and dominates the e-commerce market right now?

e-Commerce is estimated to be a multi – trillion dollar industry
in a few years. Start on time to compete in the growing wholesale
market, make your place among top on line sellers !
The B2B e-Commerce market is currently massive, and it’s only going
to get bigger. By some estimates, the on line wholesale market may
be worth $22 trillion by 2020.

The numbers are clear: taking you into wholesale business on line is
worth investing in and considering when  planning for the future.




Great full stack developer. Rare kind of a developer that can see all the needs of a project within one look. Either Growth Hacking, Marketing or custom development, server setup and maintenance – you name it he does it .



Peter is essentially a good manager and great team leader ! He is our organizational core person well disciplined and versed . Because of him our team responds to any request within 2 h.




graphic designer

Stavros has awesome imagination and good eye for design, you can find his own works on Webtreats. And he is well off in coding, WordPress and Prestashop too…

A E-commerce Organization

Each one of us has to ask ourselves, What do I really want?
Do I really want to get into online selling? Or do I just want to stay as I am now and try to be happy?
If you want success, you may not sacrifice your peace of mind and happiness for it.

Forward Thinking

Estimate for 2018 is that e-commerce will drive 3 trillion in revenues in US alone and more than 20 trillion in the world,while consumers spent more than $1,5 trillion on line in 2016. With this kind of spending, it’s not surprising to see more small
businesses moving their operations on line.

Problem Solvers

For less than $100 per month, you can add an e-commerce component to grow your existing small business and reach new customers, or even start a new online business.
You can choose from some of our ready made solutions or ask for a custom designed and built shop just for you.

Customer Support

If you want success, you may not sacrifice your peace of mind and happiness for it.
Our products and Support are guaranteed to make you happy so do not hesitate to invest in our products and services –
There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way.

Our Story

I have some savings but don`t want to risk putting them into stock market banks or bonds
I want to open an on line store. But I am novice Internet user, don`t know how to sell on line,
but I know what I like to sell.
What I am passionate about and what I love doing in my free time.

So we got busy and developed fully automated on line business
just for you.  Ready made shops with 100s of niches – ready to sell,
e-commerce money sites white labeled dropshipping ready
designed with added products, Amazon, E bay,
Google shopper and Facebook store fronts
You add your payment data and you are ready to go live.

  • Strategy 70%
  • Internet Marketing 89%
  • Shops created till this day 57%
  • Customer Happiness 89%
  • Support 99%
  • Premade Shops sold in 2017 27%

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