The Best Way To Source Private Label Products From China With Nathan Resnick Of Sourcify

Nathan Resnick is someone who I met at The Hustle conference in San Francisco. He is the founder of Sourcify which is a company that helps you find manufacturers to produce your products.

Prior to that, he owned 2 ecommerce companies, Yes Man Watches and Cork Supply Co. And recently, he was on the Hustle blog where he made 23k selling Conor McGregor F You Suits.

Nathan is my go to guy when it comes to sourcing from China so enjoy this episode!

What You’ll Learn

  • Common mistakes when sourcing from China
  • The best way to find good suppliers
  • The disadvantages of using directories like Alibaba and Global Sources
  • How Nathan ensures the quality of a factory
  • How to attract the attention of a potential supplier
  • How to tell the difference between a wholesaler, trading company and factory

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