190: 9 Lessons Learned On Business, Life And Happiness With Steve Chou

Happy New Year everyone! Today is a special New Years episode where I wanted to take some time to recap the year which was actually one of the most challenging years that I’ve had in a very long time.

Because I have a lot to talk about, I’m actually going to split this into 3 episodes. In today’s podcast, I’m going to go over some of the lessons that I learned this past year.

And in subsequent episodes, I’m going to do a detailed breakdown of how my businesses performed this past year and exactly what strategies I employed to grow them. Enjoy!

What You’ll Learn

  • Why goals suck
  • What contributes to happiness beyond wealth
  • Why growth for the sake of growth is not a great idea
  • How to appreciate what you have
  • What to do if you have no idea what to do in business

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