The State of Ecommerce 2017
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2016 was a huge year for ecommerce and, most notably, the rise of the solopreneur being able to make a fat stack of cash drop shipping items with Shopify.

As we move into 2017, I wanted to make a video to talk about current trends in the industry. A lot of people are just getting started with Shopify and ecommerce, and want to know how you can be profitable. And will the same things work in 2017 that worked in 2016?

So in this video I am going to talk about a few things:

– The current ecommerce climate: Christmas and the Chinese New Year, and how to plan in your business

– The drop shipping business model, and how to do it right in 2017 to make a lot of money

– How to transition out of drop shipping, and bigger opportunities with ecommerce

– Future ecommerce trends that will make a lot of money, including custom merchandise, personalized merchandise, personalized selling, and local intent marketing

– What to watch for with ecom training/coaching courses in 2017

– Mindset and strategy to succeed and make a lot of money in the new year

Once you’re done watching the video, feel free to join the group and get my full drop shipping course for free, as well as future updates for killing it in ecommerce.

Also, if you haven’t joined the group and want to watch one of the best videos out there on ecommerce product and niche research, then you can check my video here:

Shopify Niche and Product Research (The Right Way):

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